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Testicular cancer (TC) is more than a matter of doing a self-exam to check for a lump. TC can happen even with no symptoms. This podcast features survivors, caregivers, family members, and medical professionals who have dealt with testicular cancer in a variety of ways. Every episode has solutions and advice. Little-known facts and situations are uncovered.


The show also has the unique angle of talking with young adults with cancer, whether that cancer is testicular cancer or not. Young adults have special challenges when fighting cancer, and their stories need to be heard.

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Episode 8: Surviving Testicular Cancer Three Times – Then and Now

Tim Buckland survived testicular cancer three times! And it was not recurrences, but three different types of testicular cancer. Hear his amazing story and how it led him into biochemistry and researching cancer.



Episode 7: It’s OK to Talk about Your Balls and Testicular Cancer

Jason Birckbichler approaches his testicular cancer diagnosis with humor in his blog A Ballsy Sense of Tumor. Jason talks about life before, during, and after cancer, and why men should be comfortable talking about their health.



Episode 6: Go to the Doctor – How I Survived Testicular Cancer

Travis Garski shares his journey of survival with testicular cancer, an experience he describes, in part, as a kind of “ego-death.” After a snowboarding vacation, he went to the doctor suspecting something might be wrong. He then traversed the nine weeks of chemo to reach good health and a new outlook on life. Listen to his story.



Episode 5: Beyond Cancer – A Young Woman’s Journey to Help Others

Mallory Casperson, founder of Lacuna Loft, shows how her experience as a young adult with cancer and few resources led her to create a unique organization that provides online support worldwide for young adults with cancer, and at no cost. Host Joyce Lofstrom tells of her own experience as a young adult with cancer.


Episode 4: A Mom Talks about Testicular Cancer

Joyce Lofstrom, host, tells of the journey with her son’s testicular cancer. Any person facing testicular cancer will get great ideas on getting the best info, better ways to talk with your doctor, and other tips for parents and patients who want to hold down the panic and get the best path for treatment. What you ask for, or even demand, can make a big difference.


Episode 3: Life Goes On – One Testicular Cancer Survivor’s POV

Adam Johnstone’s survival story is amazing: multiple dangerous surgeries and arduous chemo. Hear the journey he faced, and how it led to his own participation in Imerman Angels (he was Max’s “angel”). He also gives advice on parents and young men who might feel uncomfortable talking about “that” part of the body.


Episode 2: A Conversation with a Testicular Cancer Survivor and Entrepreneur: Jonny Imerman

Jonny Imerman, a testicular cancer survivor, talks about his cancer journey and Imerman Angels, which he established after his cancer journey to provide one-on-one support for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.


Episode 1: Why We Never Gave Up on Testicular Cancer – with Chuck Mallory

This podcast series launches with the story of Max Mallory who died at age 22 of testicular cancer. His dad, Chuck Mallory, talks with podcast host Joyce Lofstrom, Max’s mom, about Max, the Max Mallory Foundation and why this podcast series will help listeners understand more about this rare but prevalent form of cancer that targets boys and men most often from their teenage years through their 40s and older.