The Max Mallory Foundation was founded in 2017 to carry on the wishes of Max Mallory, who passed away on May 20, 2016, after a valiant battle with stage 3C testicular cancer. Max noticed that there was a lot of support for most cancer patients, but one category was underserved in particular: young adults with cancer. In his own words, Max tweeted on March 20, 2016: “Young adults (20-39) get cancer, a lot. It feels extremely urgent to me to have people know this. Pediatric patients have their lives taken too early, adult patients get their lives stripped away. Young adults get but a sip of ‘real life.’ It is somehow the most underrepresented group in all of cancer. 20-somethings, you are not invincible. Check your testicles and talk to your doctor about a cancer screening.”

This foundation will serve testicular cancer patients, but we feel it imperative to provide additional support to young adults with any type of cancer. We provide a resource for young adults to get information, know who to talk to, know where to get additional support, and how they can talk to people their own age going through similar circumstances. In addition, we spread awareness about testicular cancer in particular, and educate young adults and parents on how complicated this particular type of cancer can be.