This Foundation not only serves those with testicular cancer and young adults with cancer in general, it also provides scholarships and prizes to students in the Media Arts & Game Development program at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Max’s alma mater. All funds for scholarships and prizes are provided by family members, not Foundation donations.



The Media Arts and Game Design Expo “Best in Show” award ($500) at the University of Whitewater-Wisconsin is the Max Mallory Award. The Expo is an opportunity for students to show video games they have developed as part of their studies. Max won an award at the Expo in 2015.


2017 winners: Zach McCormick and Cole Luther for the game Key Kingdom Souls.

2018 winners: Brandon Hanabarger and Brian Maresso, for the game Vapor Burn.

2019 winner: Kahlen Friske for the game Dark Descent.



MAG-D award given by John-Mark Mallory

John-Mark Mallory giving the Max Mallory Award in 2018

The Max Mallory Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship given to an incoming junior in the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s Media Arts and Game Design program. This assists a student, chosen by the university, to complete their major. This was the first scholarship for the Media Arts and Game Design program at the university. The scholarship repeats, providing the same amount during the recipient’s senior year.



2017 – Rainee Ripplinger

2018 – Bre Addie

2019 – To be announced Sept. 17, 2019

Both the award and scholarship are given annually.